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If you get an opportunity to pick up or to get one if this demabrasion brushes i suggest to do it. It will change the way your skin looks and feels. I have been wanting one for the longest time but those kind of brushes like the Clarasonic or Soniclear one cost a fortune and some drugstore ones don’t worth the money because they are non rechargeable. But i find a great dupe or alternative to the expensive one. I find this #Pretika Sonic Denabrasion Pivot-Contol Facial Brush on Marshalls for only $34.99, which is a great deal for this kind of brush. I google it to see the original price, which was $70. I got it for almost have of the price. I don’t regret buying it. My skins feel better after using it for a week. I really recommend this brush to anyone. I has make a difference in my #skincare routine. #beauty #recommendations #review

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